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Life Path Number 3 Career: Entertainer

Career keywords: Flamboyant, Communicator, Self-confident

You’re very social, have a gift for contact and can approach others easily. People with this life path love the limelight. Your intuition and flamboyant character means you’re at ease in all situations. You’re popular, charming, charismatic and able to adjust. You need an audience so you are able to work in high profile/public environments; you generally see speaking in public as an exciting challenge. You have a real feel for trade and are an open and a good communicator, able to write and speak well.

A number 3 often lacks discipline, is disorganised and irresponsible, but you just charm your way out of trouble. Your playful, happy, friendly, outgoing personality means that colleagues are not angry with you for long. Although you are generally happy at work, you tend to cover your feelings with laughter and jokes if unhappy. You are original, intuitive and creative, have a dramatic flair and are quite fashionable, although emotional sometimes to the point of being melodramatic.

As an extrovert, all professions that involve communication or commerce suit you. You are capable of establishing a thriving business if supported by a financial team. Jobs that are linked to the media, tourism, entertainment, event management, modelling, athletics will also appeal to you. You will be drawn to just about any job that involves regular interaction with people or public speaking because you’re self-confident and love interacting with others. A number 3 will not be happy working in isolation of people. Beware of being superficial and pursuing trivial matters as you will not be challenged enough – this will offend your sense of harmony. Learn to express your happiness and joy meaningfully.

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