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Life Path Number 5 Career: Seller

Career keywords:  Versatile, Adventurous, Creative

Your versatility means you can adapt easily to a fast-changing work environment. Number 5’s are usually drawn to careers overseas or careers which involve a lot of travel. Other typical traits include fast-working, skilful, persuasive, good negotiator and excellent communicator. All of this means that careers which offer fun, adventure or changing scenery are meant for you; communication (public relations, marketing, sales, media), journalism, mountaineer, adventure / travel photographer, communication, sales,  actor  or lawyer. Actually, you could do almost anything and you would do it all well.

The best way for a number 5 to learn is through experience. This poses a problem through as a number 5 gets bored quite quickly and typically scatters personal energy by wanting to try everything. All of this means that sometimes a number 5 promises more than they can deliver. However, because you are resourceful, communicate well and are socially oriented, you usually manage to get out of sticky situations.

You always have fresh ideas, are considered a true free spirit, can often be over-indulgent, love anything unusual and exotic, are not easily fooled, are not usually prejudiced and most times, want to save the world. Your desire for change and excitement sometimes exhausts colleagues and other staff, never mind your partner, family and friends.

A number 5 needs to learn to channel their nervous energy, dynamism and interest. A number 5 would benefit from learning to focus their energy, interests and unconventionalism.

Read Life Path Number 5 for more information on your Life Path number.

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